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Intermittant fueling issue


Been driving the old bunky 4-door now for about 4 weeks and its been pretty reliable aside from a dead alternator and regulator, which was from being drowned...

But Ive got a confusing problem that has left me stranded once already.

After sustained high revs, (doing 100-110kmh), the motor runs out of fuel. Pull over to the side of the road, let it sit for about 10 seconds, and then it starts and runs fine, and I can be back at 110khm straight away without problems.

At first I thought that it might a be a blocked fuel filter or crud/water in the fuel tank. Both were possible since the car before I bought it had been sitting a lot in Maggot Creek.

Replaced fuel filter and pulled out the fuel tank. Flushed tank and even had a captain cook inside with my borescope to see if there was anything obvious. Interesting that nothing of any real note came out, but the drain tube was packed full with silt!

It ran fine this morning to work (about 90 mins with 2/3 at 100kmh), but it died twice on the way home this arvo.

Could the diaphragm on the fuel pump but just not quite pushing enough fuel and then just run dry?

Straight after the car stops, I find the fuel filter seems low or nearly empty.

A guy today at work suggested that it might be an internal carby filter/guaze that is blocked? I didn't know that the std 1000 carb had an internal filter.

Another suggestion was vapour locks in the fuel line, but its not hot yet. If this is happening now, then the car wont be drivable in summer as it will simply run out of fuel all the time.

Anything else worth checking?
Start at the fuel pump.
I had a carb with a slight split in the brass float
Car would stall now and then going around heft hand corners
Took ages to find
Worth a look
Thanks Neil. I don't suspect the carb, mainly cause this carb is supposed to be fully rebuilt/reconditioned, although it was done a few years back and its been sitting in storage since.

Should the bowl ever run low in any normal circumstance?

Might have time this weekend to pull off the bowl and have a capt'n cook at the float and bowl.

perhaps my parts supplier is dodgy... I mean he is a scary looking biker dude
My filters rarely have fuel in them
But the cars rarely go nowdays either... haha
But when I used a dat for a daily I never really had a full fuel filter

So an update on this slightly random issue.

I've just about got a useable work-around.

Usually, i've got enough pace (doing 100kmh) to put the car into neutral once it starts to die, let the car roll for a while, letting speed drop off.
I wait say about 20-30 seconds and then start the car with the key again, and just drive off like nothing happened.

Its all very strange.

It must have done it about 5 times on Monday when I drove to work (2 hours away). Open road, consistent speed (100-110kmh), about 25deg outside, no overheating, everything fine.

Each time it when it does it, the conditions seem different.

Last night when I drove home from work (same 2 hours), it only did it once.
The weather was cool, and fine, but I did have to stop on the side of the road before it would start again, unlike the previous times.

Hoping to get some time this Sunday to swap out a carby.

Do you have a sight window in the carby to see the float level? Does the carby run dry when it cuts out?
You could drive with fuel cap off to check if it's a blocked breather.
GTi-t KB10
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