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RooBar for 100 sedan

has anyone ever made a roo bar for a 1000 sedan?

I hit another roo the other night driving home and dented the left fender( on the crease above the headlight as well!) Its only a matter of time before I hit one square on in the thou.

In my patrol ute, I'm certainly not afraid of hitting a roo, as they always come off second best, but the thou, I'm not convinced I would get home.

It would need to replace the bumper and be able to mount a pair of spotlights.

I was thinking that if I replaced the std bumper brackets with some SHS or angle and then made another bracket that loops under the front apron, that it should hold enough beef to be worthwhile.

Any thoughts or photos of a bar that's been done before?


Never seen one
But doesn't mean it can't be done
You could always drop into Irwin's in Midland and ask the lads there what they think
Was thinking of calling someone like irwins. Im just cringing at the price tag. A second hand bar for the dunnydore was still $800 with new ones around the $2000 mark.

Ill try to squeeze in a call to them tomorrow and see what they say. You never know, they may have a template stashed out the back somewhere.

I had a real beauty custom made for my proton ute was tempted toput it on my KB10 fitting would have been fine but did not want to ruin the look. plenty og bars out tghere to fiddle with
I have been a long time member of the 1200 club but found this site. As I have a coupe this is where I should be.
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