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VIC 1969 4 door 1000 Deluxe, Good basis for restore or parts - $650.00

Car now sold
I have obtained a 1975 Nissan campervan i was chasing for a while and now the !000 is causing a space issue so out she goes for a non negotiable price of $650  ( it has had $300 spent on parts since i got it so taking that into consideration it is a $350 car)
is she all orig runner, does she run?
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Yes, motor is A1 and 4 speed  gearbox good. diif centre has severe back lash.
It has a bent LHF stub axle, I have fiited 2x 12" front wheels with temp spacers to allow it to drive( this was done to check the box)there and it is missing the brake shoes on RHR (in box of bits it came with) I have adjusted up handbrake so it can stop. to load on a trailer.
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