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(Update: listing no longer current) 1969 KB10 in Melbourne on Gumtree, One of my previous rides - FREE

Hi All,

1969 KB10 for sale in Melbourne on Gumtree as at 13/4/16. Car is in Lalor.


I owned this particular vehicle until 2002, have all the details on the engine/drivetrain/chassis etc as I rebuilt them many years ago (caveat: check what you can if you go and have a look). The engine came out of my VCRS rally car that I raced in the early '90's. Was my daily driver, hasn't been registered in Victoria since I sold it in 2002 according to VicRoads (I asked them today).

- balanced A12, 10.5:1 compression, 'rally grind' cam (can't remember the specs, but designed for midrage grunt), lightened flywheel, ported head with double valve springs, brass button clutch (a standard driven plate wouldn't make it to the rally finish line), quad Mikuni carbs (I was once told they were off a Z1 so may be worth something), GSX airbox, thermo fan.
- 1.75 inch exhaust, extractors.
- 4 speed floor shift 1000 gearbox, 4.111 diff centre.
- Barina front seats, no rear seats.
- Standard suspension except possibly for a double thickness bottom front leaf.

Other modifications ie black paintwork on bumpers, 'interesting' cooling system modifications and interior choices are the result of youthful decision making and are not representative of the choices I would make today (so please don't judge!).

Went great when I had it, clutch was a little tricky in stop-start traffic(!). Current owners contribution has been to break the rear window and to respray using aerosol spray packs, resulting in a terrible paint job and overspray on all of the glass and brightwork (masking tape still in place). Previous paint job was done in Merino White by TAFE panel beating students under teacher supervision as 'live work', so prep wasn't too bad. by No rear badge, missing chrome sill strips. Looks like it has spent almost all of the last 15 years in the current owner's shed.

Hopefully someone in the 1000 fraternity can restore the beast to its former glory - I've had a look , but it's too much work for me these days - I prefer tinkering to full rebuilds. The 3 photos of this car in my gallery were taken yesterday.

(NB: to be clear, I do not currently own this vehicle - contact the current owner through Gumtree if you are interested).


Listing is no longer current, may have been sold.
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