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New member first datsun, Just bought my first datsun. 68 1000 sedan

Hi guy's, new member and first datsun owner here. Names Jake.
Just picked up my freshly restored datsun 1000 sedan yesterday and already love it! 
It's by far the cleanest and oldest car I have ever owned and is just so enjoyable to drive. 
So I just thought I'd put up some pictures to show you guy's. Oh and btw, are there many other Datto guy's in Perth WA? would love to meet up with other datto owners and go on cruised or car shows etc... 
Enjoy, Jake
Plenty of datto guys
We are starting meetings again
Wed nights once a month
Empire bar
Nice to see Scotty's datto out and about
Welcome Jake, 
good to see you on here... Nice Datto you scored there,
Cheers guy's I'm glad to be part of the datto scene. 
Yeah I still can't believe what a bargain I got myself. would be keen to meet some more datto guy's out at the pub, but will see how I go as I work long hours..
Also Dundee, I met Nick down in Armadale while buying some 1200 hubs for a disc brake swap and he was telling me you'd be a good one to talk to for advice? feel free to pm me if you don't want to message in here. 
Cheers, Jake
heya Jake, 
happy to catch up sometime, 
Neil and I worked out a pretty good setup for the 1000's.. 
Sounds great! what area are you guy's in? I'm all the way up in Hillary's area... hahaha 
But I drive everywhere lol
Hi Jake, good to see Scotty's datto is now Jakes datto! You got a ripper car there. Be good to see what improvements and personalising you do to it, that cars a great starting point for an awesome car.
Dundee is in Spearwood and I'm in Gosnells
Dundee's shed is bigger and better though for beer and bullshit sessions
Cheers Dix, yeah still a few things to finish off on it interior wise, like the dash, door card's and replace or re apholster the orig seats if I keep them (have mr2 seats in the shed) guards need rolled and I may lover it and put some different wheels on it. see how I go haha. I don't really want to touch the body of the car if I don't have to, since Scotty has done such an awesome job! 
Then on the side I will build up a hot engine/ gearbox package. all in time though I have another project on the go atm 
Nice looking ute by the way! much been done to it?
Sounds good Neil! spearwood is literally straight down the fwy from where I am
Def should arrange a night to catch up and chat about dattos and have a good rave on about other shiz! haha  Idk what you guy's are doing but I'm pretty well free tomorrow night as the missus is working. might be a bit short notice though lol
Mate heaps done to it and still going, but you'll find that out for yourself now you've got one! You will always find something else to modify or improve.
Yeah I had a look at your profile pics the other day. the ute looks madd! makes me want to build one up one day. very nice work indeed. 
Haha yeah I hear what you're saying. I just bought mine and I have a million plans already lol!
Hey guy's, how's everyone going? 
I haven't posted in a while as I have been slowly making progress with a few little bits and pieces with the car.. 
So just thought I'd post up a few little things I have been working on. 
For starters, I went ahead with the Dundee1000 and Neils disc brake conversion and finished it recently, was easier than I expected and works a treat! Cheers guy's! 
Looking good.
I have still got to sort brakes on mine, so i have brake envy right now.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Cheers man. It was a very simple setup, hardest part was finding all the parts. 
Feel free to hit me up any time if you have any questions😉
I also have been collecting lots of parts for the engine cinversion/ 5 speed gearbox swap I plan on doing. After lots and lots of research, planning questions and advice from a few guys on here I've decided to go ahead with a ga16de and nissan a60 gearbox, with a h165 diff that I have picked up recently. 
So I'm now at the stage where I've got a lot of the parts needed, and started fabbing up manifolds and getting the flywheel machined to swap the starter ring gear around to the opposite side. 
To power the engine, I'll be running zx9r bike carbs with the jets drillled out to suit and a custom aluminium manifold to suit ( already welded and now getting the faces milled)  On the ignition side of things, the factory distributor will hit the fire wall
Due to being in the back of the cylinder head. 
So I decided to go with a ford EDIS 4 crank trigger ignition controlled by a mega jolt light jr, with a map sensor built into it to help adjust the timing. 
I found a place in the UK called Trigger wheels ltd uk, that actually piece the tigger wheel ignition kits together to suit your needs. I found them very helpful after answering any questions I had and the parts arrived very fast. 
I've decided to go the GA16 swap due to the availability of the engines, simplicity of the swap (basically bolts straight up, just needs the crank drilled to clear the a60 input shaft and one new hole drilled/tapped and drilled in the block)
And the fact it has plenty of potential and easy power. I'm not sure, but I've been told that I may be the only person doing this swap in perth, so pretty keen to finish it off if time allows haha.
picking up the engine 😝
 mock up of the manifold
great choice and prob the only guy doing this conversion ever on a 1000
there is peter zekert in america racing datsuns who uses the QG18DE
like the qg16de is identical 76mm x 88mm bore stroke to the ga16de
the qc18de he uses is 80mm bore and 88 stroke. I like these engines
as Peter Zekert also mentioned they are as light as an A15
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Cheers d,  your advice in the past has definately helped  me decide on the way I'm going about the conversion. And yeah, the weight of the engine was also a contributing factor. 
That's interesting about the qg18, do they have the same bellhousing as the the ga16? 
I did notice that the ga and qg are very similar, so much to the point that I almost bout a qg16 instead of my current engine! Haha😅 
Only thing that stopped me was the fact it had coil on plug...
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