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Door handles - push button

Hi, looking for the push buttons in door handles if anyone knows where to get them? Or know if another model or make fits them? 
Been opening doors by sticking my little finger in there for years :-) Cheers Danny
Well I found door handles. An old post on the datsun1200 forum says Nissan G60 handles are the same. So I found some on eBay from Bogota Columbia - and they look damn fine :-)
great stuff Dan
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That post on 1200.com, would that happen to be mine where I discussed the G60. They share a heap of parts. Mostly accessories and cosmetic stuff.
Wiper motors and licnkages, door handles, interior parts, heater boxes, door hinges, amongst other things
Ah - yes it was that post of yours from 2008 :
Cheers !!
2008.... ha ha
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