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Datsun1200 forum gone?

Has it gone?
Have been missing it last couple of days looking for useful stuff - hope its still around its such a great source of knowledge.
Now comes up with message "domain has expired". If so it's a pity to lose so much info there.
I would think it will be back.
The main moderator was starting new topics with scans of old catalogues the other day.
Dosn't seem like the behavior of someone about to close a website.
1200.com has gone down before, so i doubt it has gone for good.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
dont forget that the actual owners / domain name holders are the branco brothers from portugal, whom almost never visit the site.
It is almost exclusivly managed by Dave Gonzales from the US.
It is possible that the brancos didnt renew their domain name. Lets hope that it comes back up again.
Site's back up so that's good.
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