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An update on my ute: I managed to get up to Brisbane over the Queen's Birthday weekend in Victoria. I visited the mechanic who curently has my ute. This was my first time seeing the car since I initially inspected it in Hervey Bay.

The good:
It's sitting safe and dry inside the mechanic's shop, and looks like the seller did include all the bits (tailgate, windscreen and big box of parts inside the cab!). The panel beater has done a decent enough job with the etch primer, and the mechanic has sourced the parts for engine re-ring.

The bad:
It's been sitting there for months, the only progress that appears to have been made is the head, sump and crank are out of the engine bay. (My fault, I told the mechanic I wasn't in a rush )

Though widespread, the rust didn't look too bad at first blush - but it's too soon to say without getting into it.

Now I need to give the mechanic the hurry-up, and find transport to bring it to Melbourne. Any advice on a reliable vehicle transport company appreciated!
would be more worthwhile to send it to Thailand
over there you could have it looking like new for 2k aud
with rebuilt engine, rack and pinion, air con etc.
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