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New member in adelaide

Hey everyone.
My name is Ash, I have recently bought a 2 door sedan.
Have had it for nearly a month now and have already started playing with things.
Im changing the colour to 57 chev pastel green.
Ive already painted the engine bay.
Plates went on today SIC 010.

1969 2 door deluxe sedan
man that is a nice blue, similar to my old smurf blue tudor
nice wheels and welcome aboard a rare car community
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Welcome... Cracking 2 door Sedan, good taste or good find, or both... ha ha
Welcome to the gang Ash.
I agree with the lads above.
Nice two door.
...Also, Ash.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
thats the same blue as my project.
Nice choice!
You have the exact look I am working on!
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