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KB10 parts (and other a series parts) Melbourne - Multiple Items

After trying all the ways I can think of to sell my complete KB10, I have reluctantly decided to sell it off as parts. Hopefully I will be contributing to keeping other Datsuns on the road, or getting them back on the road.That means I have a whole car’s worth of parts, as well as a few other spares I have gathered over the years. Everything is for sale.

I’m in Warrandyte, Melbourne. Happy to work with people to post smaller parts. Not really keen on packing up larger parts for freighting or couriering. Fortunately, many parts of a KB10 are pretty small!

A14 engine
Mounts made for the A14 into a 1000
Radiator (holds water and cools the A14 ok)
Twin (flat top) Hitachis with manifold and original airbox (A14T)
60L dogleg 5 speed
Rear gearbox mount made up to fit the dogleg box into the KB10 (will also work with a 1200 b110 and probably a 120Y)
Front disc conversion – b110 discs and calipers grafted onto the 1000 uprights – b110 hubs and discs and adapter plates to mount the calipers.
Whole front end cross member is in pretty god condition with reasonably good ball joints, tie rods and cross link
All glass is there and in good useable condition
Front and rear bumpers present, but need re-chroming
Complete bodyshell – some rusty bits – sills, front footwells etc but generally straight and reasonably solid
Extractors and 2” exhaust (mandrel bends) will fit b10 and b110
Set of b10 ute rear springs

Plenty more KB10 parts – just ask if ypou're looking for something 

Also plenty of other A series parts not specifically KB10, like:
13” alloy wheels – 4 x globes with crappy tyres, 4 x 6 slot jellybeans with 4 excellent 205/60/13 tyres, 13” minilite style alloys fwd offset need spacers for front of b10/b11014 x 6 mitsubishi alloys 4 x 114.3 (I’ll have to put up a pic don’t know what they’re from)
A15 – completely reconditioned – has been run, but only for about ˝ hr. Head has been shaved to give about 10.5:1 comp – was run with a straight LPG setup
A14 claimed to be rebuilt short motor and cylinder head
Twin 42 dcoe webers and oval port manifold

PM me if you're interested in anything and leave me a mobile number
Hey mate, have you got a passenger guard. Not too sure if it would fit a b10 though. Cheers
Hi there, any chance of some lower control arms w castor/tension rods? I'm assuming they are the same between models.
Hey mate, chasing rear bumper.. Or even just the centre piece (3pce) drop us a text if you want to sell would really appreciate it.. Dale. 0415344015
G'day Dale,
I do have a centre section for a 1000 bumper in my shed, either new or re-plated and either way in as new condition. From memory I think the rear bumpers are 3 piece and the front bumpers ar one piece, so I might have exactly what you're looking for.I'll have a look sometime between now and the weekend and let you know. My number is 0429140180 and if you don't get a call from me you can call me over the weekend if you want to.
Regards,  Tony
Its a pity you are in Melbourne.
I know that the whole lot would be taken if it was closer to Perth.
Hec I would take the motors from you if I could.
Still, hopefully you can offload everything.
mmm... weeeebers.... must refrain... must use efi
oh neil, I understand the pull of the weeeeeebers - but EFI is the neccessary evil of HP.
Wonder if you can get a CD track of a weeeeeber sound to play in the EFI car?- to make your ears a bit happier?
Legend tuner TK in Adelaide makes as much power from webers
than any efi injection system and does it cheaper. Max hp is not
the issue with webers but the fact efi delivers the right amount
at all rpm where at full planting your foot down, there is not difference
in the overall performance and he swears by it as do the racers
that use his engines. In fact EFI costs more to setup but is only
a necessary evil for boosted applications where the exact mixture
is vital at all rpm increments more than NA.

I would be interested in the body even though its probably quite
rusty by now, along with the front suspension and at least rolls.
Im no where near Australia atm but have been thinking of going
back there in the summer time, however recent fires are a worry.
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Dont happen to have a single side draught  manifold to suit A14/15?
Dont happen to have a single side draught  manifold to suit A14/15?
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