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Datsun 1000, Front shocks

Does anyone know where i can get front shocks

I have already tried Pedders and Fulcrum and its not in there records ive tried aftermarket and suspension specalists 

Does anyone know where i can either get gas or coil over shocks 
Strange that pedders say they dont have a listing.
Their web page shows some 1000 bits.
Their in house part number for the front shocks is 3029
Failing that, I have heard a few 1000 owners say they used LJ torana shocks for the front.

Which ever route you go you will need to either reuse your old lower pins or make new ones.


1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
thanks ash  well just hope pins are still  making new ones that not about happen  that will just be another problem im starting to run around like chook with head cut off
This is years ago.
But i bought my old shocks with me to pedders as my car was still an unregistered project at that stage.
I had one of the staff at pedders remove the pins from my old shock absorbers and fit them into the new shock absorbers that i was buying from them
My memory of it was that they did this at no extra cost.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
ASH  just phone different pedders  they can have them tomorrow $94 each  monday i was in pedders local shop and they did not exist would take of car and measure  and they would cost over $150 each if they could get something THANKYOU
Not a problem at all.
Im glad to hear you got it sorted.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
hello as stated earlier i purchased pedders shocks  had a mechanic try to fit them well  the pin is still a  problem went back to pedders they took some measurements and if they remove the bush to fit the pin that is nearly the same size as bush hole then not posible to fit with bush left shocks with pedders store check next year he stated he try and scorce some thing they have changed puppliers over years and some shocks have been made different and the LJ torana  he stated not good to fit he had one and did comparison
and back shocks bought ealse where when home thought this will be easy just had to cut metal sleve back and fit do up nuts wondered why nut not getting tight so crawl under more get good eye contact ??????????? the thred ????  one this one look at other remove shock the pin bent the shocks that came off are wider at pin so more weight over outside end of pin so now maybe cut off dril out replace with new bolt  live was not ment to be easy but does it have to be this?????
So if nothing else works as a bolt in part...will you be making a custom pin to suit the new shock?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Hey Peter, 
I used lj torana Koni reds, drilled the top most out to 12mm from memory and used the 1000 bottom pin with rx3 rear leaf mount rubbers from memory or something similar, (search dimensions in the nolathane site) really easy to fit. Rear for a wagon, I used Koni reds for an alfa, bolted straight in. Can't remember the model number but can find it later if you need it.
I used LJ shocks in mine
I remeber sifting thru the nolathane catalogue and finding something to suit
I also remember machining the width of the top eyes down as they were too wide to suit the pin length
Then I made up stainless bottom pins at work


Hey guys, 
I dropped my front shocks at Pedders almost 2 months ago to get the pin pressed in to the new shocks but they are either being lazy or haven't found any bushes to put the pin in as they said the bush will be destroyed when they take the pin out.
Does anyone have ideas where i can get a bushing for where the pin sits in the front shocks? 
Also someone said on this thread they put Koni red alfa shocks in the rear? Any luck on what part number it is?
Datsun 1000 ute
That sucks,  When I did mine my local pedders swaped the pins from my 1000 shocks into my pedders shocks.
The guy did mention it was a nightmare to do, but he got it done.
So I'm guessing your shop isnt interested in doing difficult work.
If you get totally stuck, I have a hydraulic press and a mini lathe at home, so could try my best to make up some new pins and see what bushings fit the shocks from a size search on the nolathane or superpro websites. (if one of your bushings were to fail).
you would need you to send me your shocks to size things up etc.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks Ash!
I spoke to them again on the phone and they said they will try a few more suppliers for the bushings and go from there.
If it goes on much longer ill probably go pick them up and take you up on the offer.
Datsun 1000 ute
Got my fingers crossed for you.
Keep me updated on things... one way or another there will be success.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Sounds like they are taking the piss. I did the conversion on some lc/lj torana konis. Used a leading cone shape pin made on the lathe to guide the shock pin nicely into the bush. Nice and controlled using a hydraulic press.
Shock pins 


I used Nissan D21 front shocks for my lowered rear end but could easily use them as is on the front as well
almost nissame length as tory ones


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