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1968 SUNNY de LUXE COUPE , 15469 kms / 9000 original miles

Looking for a center console for manual transmission and a wood steering wheel. 
Thank you
Nice Coupe you have there,
Wood steering wheels are usually on ebay if you have no luck here.
They are not cheap, but are one of those purchases that you never regret buying..
Most 1000 wood wheels will have a crack in the centre horn button, it is just how they all seem to be.
And it seems to be 50/50 as to weather they come with the 3 plastic parts for the spokes on the wheel.
I have never seriously lookked for a coupe centre console as they seem to be one of those "Rarer than a unicorn" items.
I have fitted a datsun 120y (B210) centre console in my car and to me it looks correct to the styling of the car when in place.
Pic of mine in my sedan.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Krackin looking coupe, well done... 
the KB10 consoles are like unicorn farts... I only know of two down here in Aussie, 
the wheels can be very expensive too, 
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