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Fuel Filler Door Key

Here is a link to an interesting online youtube video showing the use of the fuel filler door key which was initially only seen on the delux models but introduced as standard for all 1969 models:


While I have the original ignition/lock key for my 1969 B10 sedan, I am missing this key for the fuel filler, even though it has the lock fitted. If anyone out there has a spare one they would be interested in selling I would be interested.
Wouldnt be original.
But if you are stuck i would be happy to trace mine onto some steel and cut it out.
Would be handmade of course so wouldnt be machine made perfection.
Ive done this for myself just to have a spare.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
My old 69 sedan used the same key as the ignition and the doors - all same key, but by now, the locks are all so worn, a butter knife can just about open any lock.
My green machine (another 69 sedan) I had to swap out the key barrel as it was causing the ignition to break down. I didnt have a key, so I just used the old one anyways. It was a bit sticky, but it still worked good enough.

My poroper key isnt the greatest example of manufacturing accuracy.
But is quite literally a piece of flat steel.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Hi Ash. Thanks for the offer; this was my backup plan and Im more than happy to accept your offer as a backup. They seem to be difficult to find now. If you are happy to punch one out for me Id appreciate it. Please no hurry though, Ive had the car for many years and managed to work around it, just would be nice to have this key (or a copy).

I have the original ignition key and it operates the ignition and all of the locks on the car.

Thanks Ash.
Made your key after work today.

Send me a PM with a postal address and ill send it off.
1.6mm mild steel, cut, stamped, and DIY nickel plated.
Not totaly the same as original.
But should see you through till you can find a real one.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Hi Ash. Great; many thanks for making this for me. Ive sent you an email with my postal address. I have posted a photo of an original one here:

Thanks again for the help.
Just replied to your email.
On a side note, That forked end on the Nissan key looks like the end would fit some lockable car antennas.
I wonder if Nissan wanted the one key to fit fuel and antenna...
I did some quick searching...
Herschmann looks like a standard that could work (Think that might be what mine is) and the prongs on the end look like another Herschmann standard.
I wonder if there is anything to this?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
....so I woke up this morning with some motivation.
Here is the result.

Still not original, but better to have a copy of the proper one than a copy of a random one.
Ill pop it in with the other key when I post it off and you can now have a spare.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
While the first one was great, this one is greater! I do appreciate the effort you have gone to. Interesting regarding the dual operation for this key. Did the B10 model originally come with a lock-down antenna? The antenna on my 69 model sedan is of lock-down type and I know it has been replaced by the previous owner of my car. I am the third documented owner and I remember the guy I bought the car from mentioning something about replacing the antenna with an original style one, but I am unable to find any receipts etc for the replacement antenna. The owner lived local to me but has since passed.
It has a small key with a black plastic end on it where it attaches to your keyring for protection/identification. 
Would be interesting to know.
Just reviewing the on-line parts book Ash has on this site and it lists "Set-Antenna with Key" as an option so looks like the original antenna as supplied from the factory was a lock-down type, hence the dual purpose key as shown above; opened the fuel filler door and unlocked the antenna from its retracted position.
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