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Steering column

A question for the Datsun experts, is a 1200 steering column longer than a 1000 one.
I "Think" so.
The 1200 unit is also colapsable.
That swap has been done before - i have it planned as il need it to get my car licensed (when its done).
From the research i've done only the later ones are collapsible, there are three types, the early 1200 ones have one bolt at the front and two at the rear the same as the 1000 ones, the next models had the same column but the bolts were changed around then the later ones were collapsible, found heaps of info on them but no mention of lengths.
Ive got a 1200 colapseable steering column at home. 
When I get home next week, I could put a tape measure on both for you.
That would be great thanks mate, I've got an eighty mm boss on my column and a deep dish steering wheel and it still just misses the dash, i'm really hoping the 1200 one will be longer so i've got more clearance for my legs and  i'm not reaching for the wheel so much.
Actually this pic shows it better.
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