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fuel, fuel door

Just a quick question what was the first year they introduced the fuel door on the 1000 ute
I thought that they all had a fuel flap.
Almost all of them used a lock. Some only got a finger hole and no lock, but im not exactly sure why.
Mine doesn't have one so i thought that they introduced it in a certain year because I still can t figure out what year mine is but I think its a 68
an easy way to work out the year is to look at the indicators - asuming that you have the original guards.
round button style - 1966-67
short spear style - 1968
long spear style - 1969
no compliance plate on it? thats located usually on the side of the engine bay - could be either side.
fenders won't work for the year since they have been changed to deluxe fenders 
as for the compliance plate, I don't know how you work it out
have you looked in the car identification section on this website yet?
its under referecne material - plenty of good info there as well.
take a photo of the compliance plate and post it up.
thanks, reuby i figured out that it was a late 68 model using the chassis number
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