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Datsun 1000 B10 Rescue

I came across this ad on Gumtree only through a google image search; it doesnt seem to be titled as best it could:


There must be someone in Qld area that can make use of this car and save it from the crusher.
Please post if anyone picks this up. Also someone please post it to the facebook site; Im not a facebook member so am unable to post there.
Hope someone finds this useful.
she is pretty rough.
Its a pity its not closer. Im sure I could find a home for it.
Check out the
DIY wind sheild on the door
grandpa sun visor.
half mudflap/guard thing
the indicators and mirrors are from something else
the rear bumper looks a bit too big as well.
still hopefully it gets rescued for parts of nothign else
atm Ill take anything like that here!
even a four door has some rear roof area that has me itching
to make into a unique 2 door just move pillars, 2door doors
and the rest is a piec of cake since they are so simple.
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