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Control arm bushes

Just wondering if anyone has managed to find anyone who sells upper and lower control arm bushes yet, read a few posts on here about using Datsun 1200 uppers and Transit lowers (not sure which model) but would prefer to get the right ones if i could before mucking about modifying something else.  
Occasionally upper bushings show up on Yahoo auctions Japan.
But lower bushings are extremely rare.
Mucking about and modifying an available bushing  will probably be the fastest way to get new bushings.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I had this written down from 2010
Not sure if they are right though... never checked (might be 1200)
But Nolathane website should give dimensions... they won't list the 1000 though
Or better yet... superpro is a better product...cross the numbers over on their website
F/R Description Part # Kits
Req Bushes in Pack Key Service Alignment Notes
F Control arm - lower inner 45134 1 4
F Steering - idler bush 41001 1 2
F Strut bar - to chassis 48088 1 4
F Sway bar - link 42080 1 8 Suits B120 models
F Sway bar - link 42010 1 8 Suits B110 models
F Sway bar - link washers 42933 1 8 Cupped washers only no bushes
R Shock absorber - upper & lower 43020 2 4
R Spring - eye front 47155 1 4
R Spring - eye rear 47156 1 4
R Spring - shackle 47157 1 4
Thanks guys, i'd say those numbers are from a 1200 as it only lists a lower inner and not an upper, starting to look like i'll have to go down the modification path.
They exist
Just need to find the numbers again
Dundee has the numbers
From a couple of threads on 1200.com
datsun 1200 lower control arm bushes on my upper control arms but I had to enlarge to inner hole to about 14mm diamater. I tried several methods to do this as it is F A R harder than it sounds. I froze the bush, inside the old rubber housing, in the freezer then drilled them with a blade bit in an electric drill at maximum rpm. The lower bushes are from a Ford Transit van rear leaf spring shackle, and I reduced the thickenss of the flange on a belt sander.
If my memory is correct I used:- 1200 lower control arm bushes for the 1000's upper control arm bushes- Ford transit van rear leaf shackle bushes for the lower control arm bushes and I sanded the flanges down a bit on a rotary sander, but any old sander will do. I also asked Red Ranger for a larger crush tube and shortened it to fit inside the cross member and drilled the cross member to take 12mm bolts.

Found an old thread regarding bushings.
Seems ratb10 had some sucess.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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