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H165 diff centre

Just fitted some 15" wheels on the old girl and now find the gearing too tall, have been told a H165 diff centre out of a Nissan vanette with a 4.625 ratio is the one i need and will fit the 1000 diff. so if anyone has one for sale i would be interested.
H165 centre won't fit in a H145 housing
Thanks Neil, I was told one out of an early vanette with the 1200 engine would fit but haven't been able to confirm that so i'll have to try something else.
H145 or H150 (often fitted without spacer) will work
But the 165 is too big
Dundee might have something... I know I've run out of centres
H150 only goes to 4.11 which is the same as the standard 1000 diff, looks like the only one that will give me a better ratio is a VB10 which is 4.375.
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