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Mark’s KB10


My friend owned the car back in 2015 and has since passed, so after a few wanted adds I have managed to find the car and will be bringing it back, car had a hit at a sprint race and has been repaired by Bruce Dummett, Car is booked in for paint in the coming Month.
Datsun 1000 Coupe.
A12 engine and Driveline
•Balanced A12 with oversized pistons
•Ported A15 oval port head with heavy duty valve springs
•Custom Ground Camshaft Single •45mm sidedraught Weber on manifold A12 manifold
•Custom extractors and Exhaust 
•Electronic ignition up
•Electronic fuel pump
•60 series dogleg 5 speed gearbox
•lightened Flywheel
•Heavy Duty clutch and Pressure plate
•Factory B10 Diff housing with choice of Locked 4.1 and open 3.9 centres 
•Pedders Red Shocks front and rear •Custom front and rear sway bars
•All suspension mounts rose jointed
•Custom tramp bars
•Various other suspension modifications 
•Upgraded drums and shoes
•Momo Steering Wheel
•No rear seats + half cage
•Alloy Steering Wheel Spacer
•In cabin brake bias valve
•Fixed Back Race Seat
•4 Point RPM Harness mounted to custom Taxi Bar
•Custom Gauge Panel
•Fire Extinguisher 
•Moly Orange Paint
•Fibreglass Flares
Its good to see this getting fixed up again.
I got the chance to see that car years ago at all jap day Banyo.
I loved it.
Will you be registering the car again? or will it be race-track only 1000?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I'd like to see pics of the front and rear suspension
Will get the car on club rego, it's already mod plated as a 2 seater.
I'll get some more photos once it's back from paint and tidied up.

My friend made a better bracket setup then the old backyard setup, no cable ties to be seen lol so much better.
looks extremely tidy.
I like it.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Car is very close, should be back home finally in next couple
of weeks .
 NOS Lense installed
 Time to start polishing, come up very nice.
Looking good.
Great to see it getting some 1ups.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
 Starting putting parts on it today, it's looking so awesome, just need to find a nice front bumper.
Hopefully another KB to hit the streets again.
Hopefully not to far away.
whatabeauT congrats!
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