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What to do with 1000 wagon

Well I'm not sure what to do
My old reliable 1000 wagon might need to find a new home
But I'll miss her and not sure what to do with it
I bought this car in 2006 in very similar body condition to what it is now
I rebuilt the front susp with all new genuine Nissan bushes and 4 new aftermarket balljoints
Set the front up with my vented disc brake conversion and changed the rear cyls to suit
I did some tuning to get her running right and have been driving her as my daily since then
Did all the usual stuff , new battery , leads , plugs , oils, points , condensor , etc
Car runs an A15 , 1200 4 speed (new exedy clutch) and a 120Y cast 3.9 centre + tailshaft (bigger unis)
New wheel bearings and brake shoes recently on rear too
Now she looks shabby... dents and very faded oxidised paint ... but is strong and reliable
Interior needs a tidy too.. door cards are torn , carpets OK.. dodgy gemini console too !!
Theres rust starting... surface mostly... but theres a couple of spots in the body that will need attention soon (nothing major)
I have a spare pair of doors , guards , bonnet , plenum grille and some bumpers with over riders too
Also have new Nissan rubber bushes for the rear springs, water pump , and a few other bits and pieces
So I was debating selling as is with included parts... or giving fresh parts , paint ,door cards  and then sending her on her way
However I have enough projects already so really don't want to start another ... I have 2 x KB10's waiting for some love ... not to mention other stuff
Decisions decisions
So I need suggestions (and guide prices)
Pics taken today are in my gallery
poor old girl looks pretty shadey, be a shame to part her out... thats prolly where the money is..
I'm not going to wreck her
She will go to a new home complete
Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the next owner won;t just part it out anyway. It is a bit banged up but still repairable body wise. With the front end, motor and mags, realistically I'd say $1500. But the right person might pay $2K.
Some people play hard to get... I play hard to want...
Im looking for a daily. Is rego current?
Hey Neil cheers for your reply. Road trip to WA?hmmm no but I might be able to freight it here. Are all the numbers correct? I.e. Chassis number matches ID plate and engine number correct on rego form? They do an iD inspection to transfer Reg to SA. Is it currently registered? Any mechanical probs? Steering play, engine smoke or abnormal noises?
My email is ryanmboyle@hotmail.com
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