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1200 disk brake conversion

I'm looking for a disk brake conversion from a 1200. I don't need the master cylinder but am looking for the hubs, disks, calipers, backing plates if compatible and flexible hoses and bolts. I know this may be a big ask, but I have the R31 conversion on it at the moment but would like the 1200 conversion.
Are you thinking of using smaller wheels again?
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
i can't help you out (sorry)... what would you be doing with your old brake setup?
No, not going back to smaller wheels. It's just that the hydraulic ratio is wrong, and using the 1200 calipers should fix it. They are actually a bit bigger.
And Paddy, if I can get the 1200 brakes and get them working at least as well as these, I'll probably get rid of them.
He means R31 rear caliper on the front I think
Hence the hydraulic ratio issue
Yeah, thats right Neil.
Problem solved, no longer need the conversion. Thanx guys.
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