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1000 on Gumtree, Gympie $650

It is not mine, i thought I would share incase someone hasn't checked gumtree in a while.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
hamza is selling his car actually, posted it on 1200.com today
Current Dato -
68 B20 ute project
Previous Datos -
68 B20 ute
68 B10 2dr sedan
ca18det 1200 ute 180rwkw
12a montser port 1200 ute 212rwhp
Stocko 1200 wagon
Im looking for a VB10 Shell if anyone comes across one
Ive decided to maybe sell my vb10 in the near future and do a chop top aero 1000 with long manifold single SU for an economy A10 engine for MPG challenges. Would like to eventually fuel inject the A10 using a megajolt setup and run a ground effects underneath pan and go ape on stamping tapered lipped holes for weight reduction and increased strength
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Thats where I bought mine from, Gympie.
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