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A14 or 15 with 5 speed overdrive

I'm looking for an A14 or 15 and a 5 speed box to go behind it. Really want a good motor that I can just put straight in with box and be done. Let me know what you have and what you want for it.
Hi, I have a nissan works 5sp gearbox........$ 1500
whats the go with a nissan works 5 speed? How is it different from a standard nissan box?
the difference its got the "works" 
close ratio that is
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Will it get the revs down on the highway? I have to drive an hour to and from work every day at 100kph and the old girl rev pretty hard using a bit of fuel.
56a 5 speed is 1:1 and not strong enough for an A14 or A15. You want at least a 60 series 5 speed. The problem with that is, even thealledged good ones that people are paying $1500 for are nearly stuffed. They have alot of common problems that are expensive to fix.
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I personally like belting along in 4th with 4.11 gears at 100
Makes me feel alive.... lol
Get a celica box then... theres one for sale on 1200.com
I'll have a look thanx.
Got a box now. Thanx guys.
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