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[WA] 1000 wagon wrecking - E.O.I

Location: Perth WA
Item: Breaking up my old 1000 wagon
Item Condition: Slightly used
Extra Info: Contact me to see if I have what you need
Prices: Pending
Postage: Can do
Contact Info: PM me here
Pictures: Check my gallery here for car pics when it was complete

The time has come to retire the old wagon
I didn't want to do it but I have too many projects on the go and too many regos to sort out
Plus I want more toys... lol

So ... heres the deal
I plan to keep some parts for myself in the short term and some others are already spoken for
I can get pics of individual items for those interested

A15 - sold
Gearbox, diff and tailshaft - Holding onto for now
Steering wheel - I'm keeping that one

Front suspension and disc brakes avail

Doors and guards are fairly crap... I think I have spares though if need be
Seats aren't much chop
Rear window frames are rusty... thats why I was going to go 1 piece window

Let me know if your chasing any parts...I might have them

Do you have anything for an early heater?
Im after a heater core, electric motor & fan, resistor I think (That coil of wire thingy) and the clips that hold it all together.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Unfortunatly it didn't have a heater in it when I got it
So I just threw a bodgy aftermarket one in there
I'll check the 2 coupes and my spares pile and see if theres anything usable there
Sad times Noooool,
Ash, I will look if i have anything left,
I did give a front cover to Chris, but not sure if i kept any old style heaters,
hmm unless i pull it out of my wagon and put in a late model one...
Thats life Mike
Anything you need?
Still got those balljoints aside for you (hoarder)
I'm going to use some parts off the old girl and get a coupe going... so all is not lost
I'd like to pick up Ruebens coupe too one day for play
you do Tusedays coupe and I'll do the yellow car..
job done,
mabee keep the tailgate/hinges ...
will hook up for Balljoints bro...
Okie dokie... just let me know where and when mate
It is a shame to see the old girl go to pasture.
I'm definitely still keen on the door cards Neil, and also any other trim cards (back seat area, tailgate, kick panels & parcel tray) if they're salvageable. 
Let me know what you'd like for them.
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Don't go pulling anything off a working car for me, that goes for you to Dundee.
Im only after bits that will otherwise not be used.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
A year on this things still sitting in my front yard
Anyone need any wagoon parts?
You know I do champ! 
I'll get a list together before my barbie next month mate. By the way, how's your shed coming along?
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Sheds up
Concrete done today (just patched the existing... abit shit)
Need to paint floor and build a mez... then load everything in
If this was closer Id get it for the convertible build
as the wagons have the perfect rear flat floor area
which can easily be used for this idea.
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Hi, do you have window trimmings for rear windows left and right?
Wouldn't happen to have the tailgate rear window chroming/aluminium thing that molds with the rubber seal?  Cheers
Sadly the side windows have rusted frames
The rear window was broken a few years ago when the car was broken into and the rubber has no provision for the chrome
No idea what I did with it... but might have it somewhere
Last call
Engine mounts?? i'm after a set
1959 Mk1 Austin Healey Sprite w/ Datsun A15 Motor
Long gone
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