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Unable to post using phone

Its been a problem since I have had this phone, but it hasnt been an issue as I almost never use my phone for anything more than viewing as i find typing on a phone fustrating at best.
So far its only the datsun1000 forum that i can post in. My phone wont let me select the text box to type into.
I tried switching the code editor with the toggle link, but all I can add is the emotions.
My phone is a Motorola Atrix running Android 2.4 (I think)
Its not really a problem for me as I dont use my phone to reply usually. Just thought I should mention it is all.
No worries. I'll look into it.
It sound like it's the "tinyMCE" editor I'm using.
I have a similar issue that the spellcheck, auto caps and predictive typing does not work on my android phone. Its no big deal
but when it works on every other site but this one it becomes noticeable.
Also i cant seem to upload any photos using my phone. I click the locate file tab and nothing happens.
I'm typing this response using a Sony Xperia Sola running Android 4.0.4.
I'm using the built-in Google Chrome browser and everything works for me.
Can you please tell me what phone, Android version, and browser combination is giving you trouble?
Can you write anything in the "Your Message" box of the Contact form?
My plan is to have the site auto-detect the version you're using, and switch the editor off. I should probably also make a manual setting in your account.
I just had a go on my phone again. (This message is from the computer)
If I 'click' the toggle code / editor link in the top right of the edit box, it allows me to then select the text box to begin typing. I can't just select the text box straight off.
I can then enter text into the text box, but....
as soon as I 'click' the reply button it clears the text, and says
"You haven't entered any text"
So what ever you have done, I can now select the text box and type, but it wont post to the forum.
I am using a Motorolla Atrix - Telstra bastardised... I mean branded - MB860
The default brower,  just called Browser version 2.3.4.
Android version 2.3.4
I can however enter text straight into the contact form on the Contact tab. Type away and click send. Easy as.
It returns;
Thank You
The message was sent successfully.
So this page seems to work as expected. Let me know if the messge ive sent thru the Contact tab arrives. That was done on the phone.
Thanks for following up on this.
I got the message from the contact page.
If you toggle the editer you need to toggle it back before posting.
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there you go
Thanks Ash for that. It seems that was always the secret. For others out there that didnt realise that you need to toggle the editor off the type and then on again to post, we now now.
Glad that the solution didnt require hours of debugging and recoding.
country folk it seems,,... if you pull the string tighter, you get better sound in your cup....
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