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Dundee's 68 Wags.. , Even longer long time...

perhaps an update... 
so things happen, it seems a lot of things happen for us Datto kids in the West, 
I got a random pic sent from a non Datto friend in Sept, 

So Dundee has a brain fart... how about getting the Red wags going... Mrs Dundee giggles.. she has never seen it going... 
So, I goes down the shed... move stuff... lots of stuff.. I see it in there someplace.. under the cover at the back.. 
put a battery innit, some guzzoline.. 
hit the button... cough, splutter, cough ..... brap brap.. away she goes.. 
try and move it, the brakes are stuck, meh.. more gas, more clutch.. out into the daylight.. 
the Girl comes out with that look.. wow.. who'd a thunk it.. 
I start making a list... a lot changes over time.. 
needs a radiator, needs an exhaust, needs brakes.. needs all the outside bits..
first up, lets get a Rad in it, and some water so at least I can run it for a bit.. 


it needs all the bling on it, and hunting for parts, this could all be too hard.. 
park lights, found some good housings, L/R, in the hunt some brand new genuine lenses, came with the beige 2 door I had yrs ago, then find housing aint housings, yes L/R but the mounting holes on the wags had oposite holes on the RH one, drill tap and replace mounting bolts on said park light, 
found the bumpers, very ordinary and pitted,  will have to do, 
got the wiring hooked up, 
the original grill is MIA, I painted it up eons ago, was straight as, oh well... 
I got another thats ok off a good member on here,
headlamp rings, all the ones I have are shagged, 
polish up the two best ones.. 


pulled the extractors off it, brand new set Genies I had ceramic coated, never liked them, and no way of fitting twins with them, 
on with a 3 bolt A15 cast job that I had a full exhaust for too, 
job done.. 
fit wipers, do badges, hard to find anything decent, break 3 in fitment.. the ally goes powdery it seems, 

kinda looks like a Dat.. 
ok, lap round the block.. 
oh thats right, no brakes.. 
it has a coupe master, and coupe brake lines... thats a start, 
bleed them up... w/cyls shagged... 
hmmm, Dundee brake conversion.. 
drill and mount backing plates, rebuild calipers, new hoses, disks on order, new bearings and seals, old rotors for now.. 

old man helping out too.. 
the steelies and 1600 caps don't fit now.. back to minilights, 


it's managable, far from well sorted though, it will get me to the Datsuns in the Park, 
the Dogleg 5 speed has a dodgey bearing, and hard to find gears.. 
the 4.4 diff needs to go, the single DHLA 40 needs setting up, 
I have new seats to go in, 
the Wags came off the road in 2000, so 19yrs.. 
I had the realisation, it's been off the road longer than one of the apprentices at work has been alive... 
ha ha... some of these little jobs take so long to sort, many times nearly pushed it back in the shed...
We're getting old, I'm getting old....  I still luv my Thou's... 
oh specs.. 
68 1 owner, Mr Baily was 93 when he stopped driving and sold it to me, I used to service and tune it for him every year when he was going for his license, I have the reciept he got for it, traded his Morris in on it.. 
A14, balanced, lumpy CEC cam, has a roundport and a Single DHLA40, I can't remember what the logic was on the roundport back in the day, perhaps lappo spec, 
I built the motor 20+ yrs ago for the guy that owned the yellow car in my pics, he never used it, 
I got the Dogleg box from the same place, 
had it painted, wish I'd done a better job, but priorities were different 20yrs ago, 
the BRG lappo has been sat for at least a yr, when I got it back from loan, the brakes needed loving, the carbs need some too, there's no water in it, 
the Prick that did the paintjob is a marked man, it has more rust in it now that when he got it.. did I mention I don't like him, oh and he ripped my mate off bigtime, oh did I mention he's a prick, and I don't like him... 
It's on the list of things to get on top of.. I gotta tune the Norton and sell that, I want to put a CB750four in it's place.. 
then more datto time...
So we made it to the park 
needs finishing off, a rear door seal, wheel cyls, some carby setting up, 
the Dogleg 5 speed needs repairs.. but happy with getting the old girl on the road, 
wasn't the on;y 1000 there, a nce B10 2 door sedan, so good to see, 
Mal was having a wander about, 
the Thou's drew plenty of attention.. 

Good work on getting the wagon out and about again.
Bet it feels like owning another new car again with such a long hibernation.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
At least you guys have heaps of K projects going at their own pace 
Im struggling to secure a shell of anykind!
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Hiya Lads, 
not much happening over here, other than my green wags headed over to NSW, the fella wanted a wagon, basically a roller, it was just sitting outside and a lot going on with it for many reasons, so before it rotted to the ground, best somebody else got hold of it, 
Ive been working on a new toy, an old '72 CB750, so lots to learn on that old Girl, 
me and the Bride are also inheriting a KE70 Kerbrolla, less than 100k K's 4AC auto air.. very yellow  
the plan is, lower it, Watts, 4A-GE and thats about it.. The Bride wants to lap that old girl.. ha ha
oh anyone in Syd, got any ideas for a pallet load of corolla gear, either storage or get it over to WA on a budget??
Bike looks like new Dundee, Very nice.
Im not even into bikes and I have "Bike Envy"
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
well Lads, the Toyo bug didn't last long, it's on the back of a lorry to not far from Byron bay, loaded up yesterday morning, 
Ive been fitting up some new seats into the wagon, Carpets ordered, 3.9 diff and sedan springs loaded in, 
just off to the shed to bleed some brakes.. 
I want to swap the head for an oval port and the GX carbs, (currently some late model roundport that made a difference to an A12 I had in something, with a single 40)  I'll see if I get time...
Use the GX carbs...Please use them.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
heya lads, 
so... the update, this happened, with a couple of weeks to sort the wags, 

the Wags fought me the whole way to the Park, 

I made up some brackets to fit the seats in, not sure what the seats are originally, but came out of a Capri drag car, a mate gave them to me some yrs ago, 

the new carpet arived, so i raced up the Grants car audio, grabbed a box of dynamat, and wacked that in, 
swapped out the GX steering wheel for a Momo, 
I had to get the Master Cyl resleeved, it was an original KB10 unit, Perth Brake do Stainless sleeves, 
now... should I change the head... ok, go for it... 
pulled off the roundport and carby (DHLA40)
pulled the oval port off the A15 on the stand, (came out of the green wagon I sold to a fella in the east, 
put it all back together, GX carbs, A15 cast manifold, gave it a tune, warmed it up... went to set the tappets again... 
WTF is that, drip drip drip... it's got a water leak in one of the pushrod holes.. FFS, 
hmmmm do I give up or crack on.. tell the bride, not happy, I might need a coffee, if I'm not out of the shed by 10pm, come and shoot me.. 
ok, dig up another H89, it's bare, I put it in a robowash and faced the head, who knows how many yrs ago, Pulled the leaky head off the Wags,  stripped it, swapped the valves, new stem seals, whacked it all together, GX head gasket, 
coolant, new oil, tune, redo tappets, jobs agoodun, 
9.45 the bride yells out, almost times up, just as I'm washing my paws, 

took it for a couple of drives, not happy with the box still, (read last year when it came out of hibernation, the box need loving) ok, should I wing it, or swap it out, 
fek it, got home from work, rattled out the Dogleg and whacked in the other one I had, grabbed some shifter bushes from Mal accross the road, 
and wacked in the modded Hurst Indy shifter,  gob done, 
went for a drive, all good, yay, 
 a couple of days later gave the old girl a wash, decided to wash the dust out of the engine bay, it has been 20yrs lol, (I wish we painted that too)
the old girl coughed and spluttered, then nothing, hmmmm 
a few checks, the thransistor ignition I built 20yrs ago died... come on this is getting silly now... 
disconnected that lot, went back to just points, bingo.. then clunk, the leccy fuel pump stopped dead, 
 ho hum, best I swap that too, 
then swapped out the Dizzy for one I had with a Pertronix kit in it.. now all seems well, phew... 
off we go to the park... 
then this fella hunts me down, is your car number 60... 
well yes... can you shift it and bring it over to the middle for some pics please... 
must say, suprised, well chuffed, thanks to Perth Datto club, WA Z register and 510 underground, 
all the family and mates that have been about for many years to make things happen, big or small, 
the Wags has a long way to go before it will be finished, but it's at good place for this summer for a few coffee and cars etc, 
new bumpers and a rear door handle etc, 
cheers, fellas..
Wow, what a journey to get it running.
Good thing 1000's are worth the effort.
You have made me envious of the GX carbs on your A-Series, Dundee.
And congrats on the award.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
take that "T" from that T shirt, you are DA'MAN!
great story Done-D 
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, Big Brother is watching you - George Orwell 'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer -- so I wasn't lying -- and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.'"  Harold Rosenthal http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=24688
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