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zig-zag shape rubber extrusion


Just wondering if someone knows where I can get a zig zag shape rubber extrusion.

I need to seal a top mount intercooler against the bonnet scoop on my Pootrol.

If you look at factory stuff, its like a concertina shape rubber shroud that sits up against the intercooler.

I need to bridge about 150mm gap. Ive been to clark rubber and looked about on the web to no avail.

Anyone got any leads on where I can find something like that?

I also need to find a place that sells machinery cab glass seal affordabily. (for the chamberlain) Ill need to double check the measurements, but from memory its 2mm steel to 4mm glass, which is apparently an odd size.

1/102 Briggs St, Welshpool WA 6106
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UES international WA
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PO Box 3346,Malaga DC WA 6945
Tel: +61 (0)8 9249 2211
Fax:+61 (0)8 9249 2022
Also check Waynes Windscreens for stuff... they do lots of machinery glass and make seal/use Cat seals to suit.
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