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My ute! B20, Datsun 1000 Resto mod

Looking at how careful Rich is he must be an awesome carpenter
How does it brake? its gotta have the biggest brakes at the front
of any 1000 that has been on the street or racetrack
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It stops beautifully, got the bias worked out now after quite a few skids but very quick to stop! I suppose they are large but not overkill and look great also. 😜

Hi All, just got a new set of wheels for the ute. I think the brand is Weds and the wheel is racing forge or vice versa. Just trying to find the lowest profile 14" 165's I can for the front and 175's rear (rims are 6 and 6.5 ). Anyway I'll get a pick up once they're on. 
Oh, and does anyone have a blinker set up from a column that they don't need!
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